Incoming project!!!

And for my first trick, i will be turning an ordinary Ibanez RG7620 into an Ibanez UVMC! This project is inspired by my unending Vai worship (specifically of eternally amazing Passion and Warfare), the new Ibanez UVMC reissue guitars and by this excellent UVMC replica done by AndyT.

Andy’s guitar differs from the original UVMC in a few ways… and i like those ways. His has the Ibanez all access neck joint and opposed to the big clunky square block neck heel the originals had (mine will have this as well). His guitar also features a ‘monkey grip’ handle cut into the body. Vai’s original PaW UVMC had a grip, too, but it was airbrushed out of the album art so that people wouldn’t get ticked off when they ordered their own UVMC’s and found them to be gripless. I’m going to leave mine sans grip… i’ve never been too nuts about that feature, plus the original production guitars didn’t have it. Andy’s also features a maple board instead of the original’s rosewood. I think the maple looks fantastic with the PaW colors, personally. I would really like mine to have a maple board, but it depends on how much time and money i end up putting into this guitar. His top 4 frets are also scalloped, along the lines of Vai’s Jem guitars.

My RG7620 should be arriving tomorrow, so i’ll take some pics of the whole process and share! Thanks for reading!


~ by ben eller guitars on 08/02/2010.

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