well…. scratch that!

Okay, those of you who know me know that i can be extremely indecisive at times… for those who don’t know me, this will serve as a taste of my usual habits!
In an earlier post, i had talked about turning my new/old Ibanez RG7620 into a UVMC replica. After staring at those colors for a few weeks, i thought better of it and decided to do my own thing with it instead. I decided to go with a perennial favorite of mine (which stems from my childhood fondness of the monster truck called Grave Digger), dark purple, black, and lime green! Guitar will have a matching headstock with chrome Ibanez logo. i’ll probably leave the inlays as they are… but it has crossed my mind how cool it would be to have some glow in the dark dots on there! Pickups will be two Dimarzio humbuckers, Liquifire in the neck and either a Blaze Custom or a Crunchlab in the bridge.

i swirled it the other day, and i am giddy with the results! Maybe my favorite swirl i’ve done yet… it is being clearcoated by my brother right now, so i’ll have some more pics coming soon.


~ by ben eller guitars on 09/09/2010.

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