A moment of FAIL…

Oh well, they can’t all be shiners.
I had been working on the red/white/silver swirled RG7 for myself recently… here’s the quick story: i swirled it in those colors once, i wasn’t happy with it, so then i sanded it down a bit, primed over that, then swirled it again. i liked the 2nd swirl… but then some of the red from swirl no.1 started to bleed through after brother cleared it. the guitar still looked pretty good and all, but some of the white spots were pink instead, and i couldn’t have that.
So, we’re totally sanding it all off again, and i’m going to re-do it. But this time, i think instead of the red/white/silver, i’m going to do the deep blue/red-orange/golden yellow swirl that i did on Charlie’s Cosmic Tele! That was actually my first choice for this guitar, but went with the red instead just to have something different. and although i liked the red and all, i think i’ll be happier with the Cosmic look in the long run.
i just got an RG7621 neck for it in the mail yesterday from Ebay. It is a 2000 model with the big wide bubinga skunk stripe down the back of the neck. the maple on the neck has some really nice grain to it, and the rosewood board is deep and dark (although i’m considering ebonizing it… i think that might look amazing!). The frets are totally perfect, save for one small ding on fret 9. i may have to have the frets leveled to correct it, i just won’t know until i try it out.
I plan on putting a Dimarzio Blaze Custom (bridge) and maybe the Liquifire (neck) in there when its all done. i found a Blaze Custom for cheap on Ebay, so i snagged that last week, too! I couldn’t wait to try it out, so i pulled the D Sonic out of my green swirled RG7 (the Duke) and replaced it with the BC. It sounds great! The BC has more mids and less treble than the D Sonic, and extremely tight bass. It is hot, but nothing too wild. Chords still have a TON of clarity! It is also a very quiet. I always thought the D Sonic had low noise, but THIS thing is super quiet!
For now, the guitar might end up with the BC in the bridge and a New 7 (stock RG7621 pickup) in the neck until i have some extra dough to get the Liquifire. I believe i have pretty much everything i need to put it all together… i might need some ferrules for the back, i don’t know if i have any of those. Oh, and i need neck screws! Almost forgot about those! And pots/toggle switch. Nothing too expensive, really.
When all is said and done, i will have:
My mahogany RG7, Damien (custom one piece mahogany tung oiled body, D Sonic, Rio Grande single coil, Air Norton)
The Duke (my green swirled RG7421, D Sonic, Air Norton)
The new RG7620 (purple/lime green/black swirl, Crunchlab and Liquifire)
the Cosmic RG7621 (Blaze Custom, Liquifire)
what a happy family it will be! Although i gotta say, i’m kinda thinking about seeing if i can trade the D Sonic from my custom mahogany RG7 for a Blaze, just so that every guitar will have a different bridge pickup…. hmm….
But at this point i’m just rambling, so i’m cutting out! Hope everyone is well. Stay tuned for updates soon, i should be swirling 3 guitars this weekend for customers!


~ by ben eller guitars on 09/17/2010.

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