Oil/Wax finished a few of my necks… wow!

For a few years now, i have sanded the necks on my guitars down to completely raw, bare maple. i don’t sweat very much and seem to not be overly acidic, so i never worried about it. But recently, a few online friends warned me that exposing the raw maple to the elements would allow it to soak up moisture and humidity from the air, and that i risk getting a warped neck as a result! now like i said, i have done this for years and never had any problems… but i’ve also never taken any of these guitars on extensive touring or anything like that. so, i got a little worried and check out some alternatives.

Since a few people online recommended i use some type of finish on my raw maple necks that i so love, i decided to give the tru oil/ wax finish method a shot. both necks i did were 2000 Ibanez RG7621 necks with the big wide bubinga stripe down the back.

here’s what i did:
-rubbed on a few light coats of tru oil using a cloth
-waited a few hours for it to dry
-repeated that process a few times
-then i buffed it down with 00 steel wool until it felt smooth
-then i used a cloth and applied the birchwood casey gunstock wax a few times over

the necks feel GREAT. not a lot different than the raw smooth maple… but just plain silky and nice! i think i’m in love.


~ by ben eller guitars on 10/23/2010.

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