Me covering “An Infinite Regression” by Animals as Leaders

Made a quick video on my phone of me playing the intro to this awesome song! I figured it out sometime last month and have been spending some time working on it. I play it a little differently that Tosin… he first does a left-hand tap on the f# note, then a left hand tap on the C# note; then, on that same C# note, he does a downward slap with his thumb, an upward slap with his thumb, a pop with his index, then a pop with his middle.This is a technique that Victor Wooten started, as far as i know. Instead of doing thumb down/thumb up/index/middle, i simply use thumb down/thumb up/thumb down/thumb up. I can keep my attack more consistent this way. I have really straight thumbs, so maybe that has something to do with it! I’ve tried showing a few other people this technique and they say it just feels weird. I dunno. i love it, and i’ve been writing a ton of riffs using this technique. More videos soon!

So this was recorded with my Blackberry Torch, so the video quality isn’t exactly award-winning. I’m playing through my Roland Micro Cube. The guitar is my beloved mahogany Ibanez RG7 Damien. This guitar has the Dimarzio D-Activator Neck model in the bridge (possibly my favorite bridge pickup ever), an unused Rio Grande Muy Grande single in  the middle, and a Dimarzio Blaze Custom in the neck. The Blaze Custom is kinda funny, though…. for one, its a bridge pickup. But also, i’ve somehow mucked up the wiring for it… it definitely doesn’t sound like a humbucker! Its more like an overwound single coil or P90 type of sound; its very pretty, very percussive, and SUPER clear. I can even play rhythm stuff on it and it sounds great. So yeah, i don’t know what i did to it, but i like it and i’ll probably not be changing it!


~ by ben eller guitars on 01/25/2012.

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