Meshuggah Corridor of Chameleons guitar cover video. Ibanez RG7 with DiMarzio D Activator 7 Neck in the bridge

One of my favorite Meshuggah tracks off their immortal Chaosphere album! I really like the structure (or lack thereof) in this song. The original song is tuned down a half step (Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb), but i am playing here in drop A tuning.
I am playing Damien, my custom mahogany Ibanez RG7. I am using the bridge pickup this whole video, and it is kind of an odd choice… this is the DiMarzio D Activator 7 NECK model. Steve Blucher from DiMarzio said that i would really enjoy that pickup in the bridge, and BOY was he right. This is one of the buried treasures of 7 string pickups. This guitar has always sounded dark, no matter what pickup i put in it, but now it is clear as a bell, INSANELY tight, and handles low tunings effortlessly. I will say, if you put this pickup in an already bright-sounding guitar, it’d probably make your eyes water. But if you have a dark guitar that needs some clarity, this is THE pickup!
I am playing through my Peavey Triple XXX head and Avatar 2×12 cab here. No mods. Thanks for watching! Post other songs you’d like to see!


~ by ben eller guitars on 01/30/2012.

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