Farewell, friend!

Today I said goodbye to one of my longest musical accomplices: my Peavey Triple XXX head! I have been using this amp since I got in 2005. It has appeared on numerous recordings by my bands Human Fuse and Arc, as well as being used live by me during my time playing with those bands and Straight Line Stitch, Plan 9, and the Retroholics.
This was actually the first head that I ever owned… I did tons of research before buying it. I loved it as soon as I first plugged it in! When I first got it, I had a Laney 4×12 (one of the brightest, thinnest cabs I have ever heard… Yow. It cut well, though). Over the years I also owned a Mesa Recto Oversized 4×12 (which the xxx hated for some reason, sounded awful), and then I got my Avatar 2×12 and have been happy with that setup ever since.
I really never had a single problem out of it. It was always super reliable, super loud, and sat great in a mix. Loved the active EQ. I also sometimes employed a Danelectro Fish and Chips EQ pedal in the effects loop to get even more control over the tone. They’re really very overlooked amps; a lot of people think of them as a poor-man’s Recto, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Ultra channel can get a little of that Mesa sag going on, but it can also tighten up if you want. The Crunch channel was killer. Kind of a razor sharp modded Marshall sort of sound. The clean channel was always the weak point of the amp; it stayed pretty clean, even at high volumes, but it never had a ton of character. It did, however, take effects really well.
My reasons for selling it? Maybe it was just a case of the 7 year itch. I always wanted better cleans out of it, as well as better low-gain tones. The xxx always wanted to just destroy! After playing on the Peavey JSX, I got an idea of what a refined XXX would be like, and when I read about the new EVH 5150 iii, it sounded even better than that! So I’m using the money from the sale of my amp to finance one of those beasts. I’m really excited about it! I have literally not read a single bad review about the 5150 iii. Plus when I saw Gojira live a few years ago, they were using them, and their tone was some of the best live tone I’ve ever heard.
I can’t lie, though, I’m sad to see the xxx go… It has been so sturdy and sounded so great on stage, in the studio, and off stage, I can’t help but miss it already. Hopefully when my new amp arrives it will completely floor me. But I’ll always think back on my Peavey Triple XXX and remember it fondly… All the shows I played using it, all the recording I did with it, and all the fun I had jamming on it all by myself writing new music. My first tube amp ever is a hard act to follow, that’s for sure. I’ll post my impressions on my new amp when I get it!
Oh, and as a happy ending side note… I didn’t sell the amp to just anybody. The guy who bought it is someone who took guitar lessons from me for years, and also owns the purple/blue/black Traced in Air-swirled RG7321. Neat stuff. I’m happy to see it going into good hands! (…… Plus I’ll know where I can get it if I ever get homesick!)


~ by ben eller guitars on 06/05/2012.

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