I’m going on tour playing guitar with Whitechapel for a month!

Good things! Okay i realize i haven’t posted any updates in months, and i have a lot of questions about swirls to answer (and a bunch of new ones to post)…. but… this is just really cool. Some backstory first!

Some 8 or 9 years ago, i played in a progressive metal band in Knoxville called Human Fuse. We sometimes played shows with another local metal group called Psychotic Behavior, and got to know those guys pretty well. That band featured future-Human Fuse vocalist Andrew Bledsoe, and handling the guitar duties were (future Whitechapel guitarist) Ben Savage and (future Whitechapel vocalist) Phil Bozeman. PB called it quits, but it wasn’t long before Savage and Bozeman hooked up with our mutual friend, guitarist Brandon Cagle, Redwinterdying guitarist Alex Wade, bassist Gabe Crisp, and drummer Derek Martin to form Whitechapel. Before the band even played their first hometown show (which Human Fuse opened), they had a rabid fanbase. Their local shows were completely insane and it was clear that it wouldn’t be long before they blew up huge. And blow up they did. Along with bands like Job For a Cowboy and Suicide Silence, Whitechapel created what would become known as the Deathcore genre. Whitechapel always had a much darker feel and more leanings towards traditional death metal, which made their sound stand out among the hordes of breakdown-ridden imitators that would follow in their wake.

So anyway, i’ve kept in touch with those fellas since then. Good people. Last year they had me come in and record a couple of guitar solos (which i mentioned in a previous post) on their self-titled album. 

Recently, i got a message from their guitarist Zach Householder asking if i would be available to fill in for Ben Savage on an upcoming tour with Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White, Chimaera, and I Killed the Prom Queen. Savage had already committed himself to taking some college classes this semester, and the tour was too good for the band to turn down. So, i let my students know i would be gone for a month and started learning the band’s set list. I am extremely excited to do a tour of this caliber! I have toured with other bands before, but never in a bus, and certainly not playing to crowds this size. It should be a great experience for me. Come see me at any of the following dates! I’ll be the goofy looking guy with the swirled Ibanez’s. Shouldn’t be hard to find haha….. go here for the dates: 




~ by ben eller guitars on 04/16/2013.

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