New Whitechapel album (featuring solos by me!) Our Endless War now streaming!

Hey everyone! Those hunks in Whitechapel are now streaming their new album Our Endless War online. This is probably their best album to date, and they asked me to contribute a bunch of guest solos this time around! Very proud to be a part of this record.
I lay down some greasy licks on tracks 3 (The Saw is the Law), 8 (Psychopathy), 9 (Blacked Out), 10 (Diggs Road, both solos) and 11 (A Process So Familiar).

Gear-wise, i used my green swirled Ibanez RG7421 on all of them*, loaded with the Dimarzio D Sonic 7 in the bridge and Air Norton 7 in the neck. I played through a Kemper Profiler, using one of Mark Lewis’ awesome profiles of his personal Marshall JCM800. Added a little delay and reverb on the Kemper, and thats it.

Hope you all enjoy!

* i also used one of Ben Savage’s signature ESP BS7 guitars for a single dive bomb on Psychopathy! 


~ by ben eller guitars on 04/27/2014.

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