I love everything about the guitar. I started playing about 11 or 12 years ago and it has been nothing but guitar 24/7 since then! i play guitar and bass, sometimes sitting in with other people’s bands and mostly playing with my own, Arc (www.myspace.com/officialarc). We play a kind of fusion-y metal, i guess you could say. I also teach guitar and bass lessons, play classical guitar for wedding gigs, and i’m about to embark on learning how to build guitars from the ground up.

i fell in love with swirl painted guitars when i was a teenager obsessed with Steve Vai. i did tons and tons of research, mostly looking at and lusting after the swirl jobs done for Ibanez by ATD (about time designs). i had an Ibanez RG7 that was totally in disrepair, so i decided to try swirling it myself. What resulted was a bathtub covered in paint stains, hands that smell like paint thinner 24/7, a beautiful guitar, and a new obsession.

My brother is the other half of the operation. He restores classic cars for a living, and i’ve drug him into clearcoating these beauties! He does amazing things with the guitars, plus it’s always nice to keep business in the family.

If you’d like to get some lessons or a guitar painted, please drop me a line at BenEllerGuitars@gmail.com . thanks a lot!


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